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Free Heart Clip Art  Welcome to our free heart clip art site! We've created some great original clip art images of hearts in lots of colors and variations for your enjoyment.

 Our free heart clip art can be used in many creative ways. Use them for creating unique and personalized greeting cards, stationary, invitations, posters or fliers. Free Heart Clip Art Red The uses for these free heart clip art images are only limited by your imagination! So have fun looking through our heart collection and feel free to use them for your personal projects.

Trio of Hearts Clip art If you use our original heart clip art images on your own website we ask that you please send a link back to this site.  (These images are not to be used in other clip art collections and have been created personally by the owners of this site.)  Thank you! 
In order to save an image to your computer just right click on the heart that you've chosen and click save.

Ladybug heart clip artI Love You Heart Clip ArtBlack Gray Heart Clip Art

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If you have any questions about our site please feel free to contact Stacy Cuthrell at

Thanks for visiting our Free Heart Clip Art site!

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